New Zealand (Whites) x Rex

*Heat resistant

The all white New Zealand rabbits with red eyes are the most popular for breeding stock. They have a mutation of albinism caused by a lack of melanin. (*Partial Pedigree ) Price: $65(Does) $50(Bucks) *Babies available at 8 weeks


* Heat resistant

The California White is known for their furs & meat production performance. They can supply big litters and ideal weight is between 8-11 lbs. They have muscular body, all white with Himalayan markings (ears & nose) *Babies ready at 8 weeks (*Partial Pedigree) (Does) $80 (Bucks) $65

Silver Fox x Gold -tipped Steel

Silver Fox are big and beautiful rabbits. They are known for their gorgeous furs, good meat to bone ratio and have delicate personality. They get to be from 9-12 lbs full grown and are well filled in hindquarters and shoulders with meat. (*Partial Pedigree) Price: $80(Does) $65 (Bucks) *Babies ready at 8 weeks

American Chinchilla/Agouti

The American Chinchilla is a large, hardy and gentle. They are know for the color of their furs a chinchilla silver, salt & pepper colored. The Agouti is a chestnut brown. Both the Agouti & Chinchillas have a concentric ring when blown into the fur. It gives a distinctive ring of colors to their hair shaft. (*Partial Pedigree) Price: $65 (Does) $50(Bucks) *Babies ready at 8 weeks