New Zealand x Rex

The all white New Zealand crossed with standard Rex rabbit with red eyes are the most popular for breeding stock. They have a mutation of albinism caused by a lack of melanin. Price: $65(Does) $50 (Bucks)

Black New Zealands x Rex

One of the colors for the New Zealand rabbits is Black. The blue color is a diluted gene from black. The Black New Zealand rabbit originated in the mid 1900's (1958) The New Zealand was first an American rabbit breed recognized by the ARBA. Price: $65 (Does) $50 (Bucks)

New Zealand Red x rex

The New Zealand Red originated in the US and was breed in California in 1910. New Zealand Reds are calm, easy-tempered and friendly. Price: $65 (Does) $50 (Bucks)

American Chinchilla/Agouti

The American Chinchilla is a large, hardy and gentle. They are know for the color of their furs a chinchilla silver, salt & pepper colored. The Agouti is a chestnut brown. Both the Agouti & Chinchillas have a concentric ring when blown into the fur. It gives a distinctive ring of colors to their hair shaft. Price: $65 (Does) $50 (Bucks)