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All sales/adoptions are final

*Please do all your research about caring for a rabbit prior to adoptions! If you change mind and do decide you no longer want to care for the rabbit, we will take back the rabbit and rehome it. 
*(NO Refunds)
*(No switching rabbits)
*Any deposits made to claim a rabbit, which will than be taken off adoption list will NOT be reimbursed if changed mind. 

~Welcome 4-H programs
*Show quality baby bunnies adoption fees start @ $195 (8 weeks)   *Pedigree certificate $25
(hay& pellets will also be provided) We offer pet adoption as well to families looking to adopt a healthy bunny to add to their families.

*Deposit required to claim a certain rabbit is half of the adoption fee. Which can be made through my Venmo account. I can send you my Venmo link. The remaining balance will be requested on adoption day. You will also be provided with adoption, a bag of alfalfa hay & rabbit pellets to help you get started.

**Mon-Fri 4:30-6 pm 
Weekends 8am- 6 pm 
(rabbit showings with appointments)* Choose the bunny/bunnies you'd like to see during show times 4:30-6pm. You may see up to 3 bunnies. The bunnies are on our website and website is updated regularly.
-Thank you 😊

***We are an animal adoption service. We are not open for the public for spectator's to visit and view. (Serious adoption inquiries ONLY!) 

*If you need to have your rabbit boarded after being claimed/adopted or stored as a surprise, going on vacation, moving etc. 
It's $10 charge per day/rabbit 
(Includes unlimited hay & feed, boarding, regular exercise in our bunny courtyard 🌹)

*We look forward to scheduling your appointment with us & meeting with you. We
Thank you for supporting our family rabbitry!
~Alpine Rabbitry & More..