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Welcome to our cuniculture rabbitry. The Murray's homestead. Nestled in the heart of beautiful Alpine, Ca. We are a family rabbitry, where we run our rabbitry farm on our property. Our rabbitry is clean and provide organic fruits and vegetables from our homestead garden for our animals. Our homestead free range chickens, barn cats, rabbits and Sulcata tortoises. We offer light Alfalfa grass hay to our rabbits diet ages 6 months and younger to ensure proper and heathy growth. We provide a safe and fun rabbit run for daily exercise. Our rabbits diet consist of 80% grass hay, 10% Purina Complete rabbit pellets and fruits and vegetables on occasion for treats for our "Happy Hoppers".

We also believe in learning about the lifestyle living self-sustaining on your property. Having the ability to access living self-sufficiently on your property is essential in these economical times. Having the livestock of chickens, goats & rabbits is essential with learning how to live sustainably. Learning how to use your garden with the space you have to work with what fruit trees, plants, herbs and vegetables you'd like to plant so you can start canning your crops. Having the ability to use the herbs for cooking, soap making, essential oils, using the herbs medically homeopathic all 100% natural. To the fibers of your livestock. This is a lifestyle choice!
We are so excited to meet you.
-Ross & Amberlee Murray