* Heat resistant

The Californian Whites are known for their furs & meat production performance. They can supply big litters and ideal weight is between 8-11 lbs. They have muscular body, all white with red eyes and Himalayan markings (ears & nose) - Does $65 ea. -Bucks $50 ea.

New Zealand (Whites)

*Available at (8 weeks old)

New Zealands are the most popular meat rabbits -Does $65 ea. -Bucks $50 ea.

Silver-tipped Steels

*Ticked group

They are known for their gorgeous furs, good meat to bone ratio and have delicate personality. They get to be from 9-12 lbs full grown and are well filled in hindquarters and shoulders with meat. -Does $65 ea. -Bucks $50 ea.

Silver Fox x New Zealand

All black with silver tips. Good breed for meat production and furs. -Does $65 ea. -Bucks $50 ea.